3rd ITD : Workers’ Assembly and Public Meeting

December 16, 2007 , Vandiperiyar, Idukki District, Kerala

Rally and Public Meeting

A rally of around 500 workers started from Periyar Junction to Taxi Stand Maidan, Vandiperiyar to mark the occasion of International Tea Day. Veteran central trade union leaders like Ashok Ghosh, Samir Roy, P.A. Joseph, V. Soman along with Abani Roy, Member of Parliament lead the rally. The public meeting was addressed by all the eminent dignitaries including N.M. Adiayantiayya, Vice President, INTUC and Member, ILO Governing Body and Abani Roy. M. Singaravelu ex-MLA (Tamil Nadu) also addressed the public gathering. “Protect Life, Livelihood and Rights of Tea Workers in Closed and Abandoned Tea Estates” was the slogan on the occasion of International Tea Day.

Meeting with the Minister
Later in the day, the delegates met with Binoy Vishwom (AITUC), Minister for Forest and Wild Life at Holiday Home Kumili. He addressed the delegates and mentioned the need of addressing the concerns of the tea plantation workers especially in the closed and abandoned tea estates.

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